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Italian Wax

Are you also caught by the latest trend of high gloss finishes? Well, we are! Pure & Original developed a high quality, natural, clear wax. It's called Italian Wax. The wax on its self is matte, but if polished you can achieve a silky or even a high gloss finish.

Italian Wax is an excellent product to apply on Marrakech Walls. It deepens the colour and shades. After polishing it provides a shiny effect and the wax is water repellent after two layers, which makes it suitable for wet rooms.

  • polishable to a high gloss

  • water-repellent

  • VOC free

  • natural product

  • easy to clean

  • easy to apply

Applicable to:

  • untreated wood

  • mineral surfaces such as porous natural stone

  • lime paint

  • chalk based paint

  • Marrakech walls

  • plaster

  • cement and concrete surfaces

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