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Paint primers

Paint primers

Premium paint primers for better adhesion, durability, and flawless application.

Proper surface preparation and a premium paint primer are essential to achieve optimal adhesion, smooth surfaces, and lasting durability. No more uneven finishes and peeling paint. With our primer, colours will stay vibrant, and textures will pop, ensuring a professional-quality finish every time.

Discover our wide range of paint primers:

  • WallPrim is a water-dilutable primer for mineral paints like Fresco Lime and Marrakech Walls. It is ideal for non-mineral surfaces, ceilings, wooden panels, rough walls, plasterboard, and foundations and is tinted to match the final paint colour.
  • OmniPrim is a high-quality universal acrylic primer for interior and exterior use with excellent adhesive and flow properties. It is a primer for wood, hard PVC and zinc surfaces, old layers of paint and varnish, and risky surfaces. It even stops wood bleeding.
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Colour accuracy

Our primers are tinted and are available to match all Pure & Original colours.

​Surface preparation

The surface must be suitable for the respective paint primers. The surface that you will paint should be clean, dry, and free of dust and oil. With proper surface preparation you help the paint system with long-term protection.

How to apply WallPrim primer

How to apply WallPrim primer

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is paint primer necessary for Pure & Original paints?

    Paint primers are necessary, irrelevant of the paint brand, if you want to ensure adhesion, durability, colour depth, and longevity of your painted surface.

    Primers help paint adhere better to the surface and reduce the likelihood of peeling or flaking over time. They also seal porous surfaces, preventing paint absorption and producing a more even colour and sheen. Additionally, primers can block stains and odors, especially on surfaces prone to discoloration or contamination.

  • What paint primer should be used?

    When selecting a paint primer, it is important to consider the compatibility of the primer with the specific surface type, like plaster or wood, the issues of that surface, like stains or uneven texture, and the desired paint finish.

    Our WallPrim primer helps with proper adhesion of our mineral lime paints, notably Fresco and Marrakech Walls. This primer is ideal for wood, plaster and drywall, vinyl, lime plaster, cement plaster, absorbent natural stone, clean brickwork, aerated concrete, drywall, plaster blocks, and other mineral surfaces.

    Our OmniPrim is a high-quality universal primer for interior and exterior paints, notably our lacquer paints. This primer is truly universal and good for drywall, old layers of paint, varnish and wallpaper, wood, masonry, stone, plaster, synthetics like hard PVC, metals like aluminum and zinc, and other mineral surfaces.

  • How to apply paint primer to walls?

    To apply paint primer to walls effectively, ensure the surface is clean and repaired, then choose a primer suitable for both the surface material and paint type. Stir the primer well and use brushes or rollers for application, working in manageable sections to maintain even coverage. Allow each coat to dry before applying additional coats if necessary. We strongly recommend priming repair spots before applying the entire coat.

  • Are paint primers eco-friendly?

    Pure & Original paint primers meet the highest environmental standards. Our primers are water-based formulas, low VOC, tinted with natural organic pigments, and graded A+ for indoor air emissions. Wallprim has little to no odor.

  • Do I need paint primer for white walls?

    Paint primer is necessary for white walls when the surface is unsuitable for your desired paint type or colour. If you are going for a drastic colour change, you need a primer to avoid colour discrepancy. Most surfaces, irrelevant of colour, require some adhesive assistance to ensure the paint sticks and covers as expected and long-term.

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