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Classico paint

Classico chalk-based paint

Harmonize vintage charm and modern style for velvety matte walls using chalk-based paint available in a variety of colours

Embrace a world of vintage charm and contemporary allure with Pure & Original Classico, an eco-friendly, water-durable, chalk-based paint for indoors. It offers a luxurious, chalky, matte finish with naturally pigmented colours that are perfect for all your chalk paint ideas.

Key features of Classico chalk-based paint include:

  • A matte paint finish with excellent adhesion and coverage.
  • Over 200 naturally pigmented colours.
  • A 97% mineral base, making it an eco-friendly paint.
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Color accuracy:

Classico paint color is similar to the colour card.

​Samples recommended:

Digital screens are not a reliable source for colour selection. It’s best to order our hand-painted colour card.

250 ml sample pots are also available for purchase exclusively at the online store to test for accurate coverage and colour representation on your surface and light conditions.

Surface preparation:

Classico paint has great adhesion to various surfaces. Like with any paint application, it is essential that the substrate is clean and free of dust, grease, old wax coats, and silicones.


Chalk-based paint is lightly washable after it is cured, usually after two weeks. You can clean chalk paint with a warm, damp cloth, but do not rub it to prevent shiny spots. For high-traffic and wet spaces, we recommend protection with Dead Flat Sealer or selecting Licetto, a non-mineral, matte, but highly cleanable paint, instead of Classico for those areas.

How to apply Classico chalk-based paint

How to apply Classico chalk-based paint

Frequently Asked Questions about Classico

Visit our FAQ page for more information.

  • What are the benefits of chalk-based paint like Pure & Original Classico?

    The benefits of chalk-based paint include great adherence to most surfaces, minimal prep work, low odor, and quick drying time, resulting in a smooth, matte, and rich finish. Pure & Original premium chalk-based paint is water-based, uses organic pigments, is eco-friendly, low in VOCs, and versatile. It can be used as both wall paint and furniture paint.

  • How to get the right chalk paint color and chalk finish?

    Choosing the perfect chalk paint color and finish involves several steps. Start by considering your desired aesthetic, colour scheme, and furniture. Order a colour card and consider ordering our 250 ml sample pots to test for accurate coverage and colour representation with your surface and light conditions. Researching online reviews and seeking inspiration on social media platforms can guide your decision. Check out our Pinterest, Instagram, or gallery to inspire you.

  • How do you apply chalk-based paint?

    To apply chalk paint like Pure & Original Classico, start with a clean surface free from dust, grease, old wax coats, and silicones. Stir the paint according to our instructions and apply it evenly using a block brush for that old-hand-painted look, a short nap roller for smooth surfaces, or airless.

    For detailed instructions, refer to the Classico paint technical data sheet.

  • Is Classico chalk-based paint an eco-friendly paint?

    Classico chalk-based paint is an eco-friendly paint. It is water-based, pigmented with natural organic pigments, low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), and odorless. It is safe to occupy while painting and after, making it a safe choice for painting nurseries. Chalk-based paint also adheres well to surfaces without the need for extensive priming, contributing to a more eco-conscious painting process.

  • What is the difference between chalk-based paint and lime paint?

    Chalk-based paint and lime paint differ in their composition and characteristics. Chalk-based paint, containing chalk, pigments, and a binder, offers a matte finish. Lime paint, made from slaked lime and pigments, provides a breathable, textured finish that can have colour shading variations based on the application. While chalk paint is easy to apply and versatile, lime paint is known for its unique texture and aesthetic. Classico chalk finish does not show a variation in colour shading.

  • What is the difference between Classico and Licetto paint?

    Classico, a chalk-based paint, provides an ultra-matte, powdery finish. The chalk component makes it powdery, but it also makes it more susceptible to dirt and scratches. It’s washable but not highly scrubbable.

    Although Licetto also has a matte finish, it’s highly washable without developing shiny spots, making it the perfect alternative to Classico for high-traffic, wet, and commercial spaces. Unlike Classico, Licetto is a non-mineral paint.

    Choose wisely to fit your space’s unique needs!

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