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Carazzo floor paint

Carazzo lacquer floor paint

Durability and style without the scuff marks. A water-based matte lacquer paint ideal for floors, stairs, cupboards, and other high-traffic areas.

Carazzo is an ultra-durable, water-based, matte lacquer paint for indoor use. It is an excellent wooden floorboard or concrete floor paint. Carazzo is also great for painting other high-traffic surfaces like kitchen and bathroom cupboards, commercial projects, doors, and more. No topcoat is required.

Key features of Carazzo lacquer paint include:

  • A matte lacquer finish that retains its color with no topcoat required and is highly adhesive to concrete, wood, stairs, doors, window frames, furniture, and more.
  • Washability and high durability with resistance to scratches, wear, and skin oils.
  • Over 200 naturally pigmented colors.
  • A low VOC, environmentally friendly paint.
  • Paint made from high-quality natural ingredients in our 100% solar-powered factory.
Read before purchase

Despite possible slight differences due to sheen reflection, Carazzo paint colors are similar to the colour card.

​Samples recommended

Digital screens are not a reliable source for color selection. It’s best to order our hand-painted colour card.

250 ml sample pots in the Classico finish are available for purchase at the online store by selecting the colour and sample size. Do this to test for accurate coverage and colour representation on your surface and light conditions.

Surface preparation

Proper adhesion requires preparation with our OmniPrim, a multi-primer. New or oil-based surfaces must be prepared with one coat of Omni Prim to ensure perfect adhesion and durability. Then, apply two coats of Carazzo.

For durable floor paint and longevity, it is important that Carazzo is applied in several thin layers.

Pro-Tip: Score tape before removal.

Frequently Asked Questions about Carazzo

Visit our FAQ page for more information.

  • What is Pure & Original Carazzo lacquer paint?

    Pure & Original Carazzo is a water-based lacquer paint for indoor use with a matte finish. Its’ durability lends itself well to high-traffic surfaces like floors, stairs, doors, kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors, window frames, and more.

  • What color can I paint my floors?

    Pure & Original Carazzo lacquer floor paint is available in over 200 naturally pigmented colors with a matte finish. See our color selection here.

  • How do you apply lacquer paint to floors?

    To apply lacquer paints like Carazzo to floors, start with a clean, dust-free, and sanded surface. Wood may have up to 16% moisture content while concrete and cement floors may have up to 5% moisture content. For proper adhesion and durability, apply at least one layer of our OmniPrim primer. Lightly sand OmniPrim after the hardening time has elapsed and make it dust-free afterwards.

    For detailed instructions, refer to the Carazzo paint technical data sheet.

  • Is Carazzo an eco-friendly lacquer paint?

    Pure & Original Carazzo paint is a water-based lacquer known for its eco-friendly qualities. Colored with natural pigments, it offers solid, matte finishes with good coverage. It is a low VOC paint that is wear-resistant, scrub-resistant, and suitable for high-traffic surfaces.

  • Why choose water-based or oil-based lacquer?

    Choosing between water-based and oil-based lacquer depends on your preferences and project needs. Water-based lacquers offer quicker drying times, low odor, and easy cleanup, ideal for indoor projects. Oil-based lacquers provide a durable finish, often preferred for outdoor or high-traffic applications. With more development in water-based lacquers, Carazzo water-based paint is just as strong as any other oil-based paint and much more sustainable.

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