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Pure & Original at the Dig-Inn, Boston

We are very proud that our specialty paint "Quartz Kalei" has been used as wall finish at the "Dig-Inn" restaurant (Boston), design by ASH NYC and recently featured in Wallpaper* Magazine. Although Kalei is an exterior paint, it happens to be a great product for interior projects as well. Since Kalei is dirt and water repellent, it is also very suitable for commercial projects.

Color: Lava White

(available on special order for projects)

About Quartz Kalei:

- in between plaster and paint, contains quartz

- the appearance of multiple layers of paint, but the texture of brick will remain visible

- used for traditional cottages in Belgium

- very matte

- breathable

- excellent coverage

- algae and moss repellant

- "self" cleaning

- protection against humidity

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