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New! "Licetto"

Perhaps you recognize the situation you want a very matte wall paint but after a while, day to day living may give you grimy marks. Cleaning and rubbing don’t seem to be an option since it’ll leave shiny patches on the wall. So how can you achieve an easy to clean and durable but still very matte beautiful wall finish? It’s easy: use our revolutionary Licetto Paint, specially developed for this requirement.


  • an environmentally friendly and water based wallpaint,

  • very matte in appeareance, a gloss percentage of approximately 3%, which is almost as matt as chalk based paint,

  • highly washable,

  • no shiny spots after removing stains from the wall,

  • very scratch resistant, also with dark colours,

  • no solvents in the paint,

  • interior and exterior.

A perfect solution for high traffic areas, families with young kids and commercial projects.

Coming soon to North America!

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