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Cardinal Red Lacquer

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Traditional Water-based Lacquer

Water-based lacquers, mainly used for doors, windows, and baseboards or as a finish on wood, are also a perfect finish to give a different and exclusive look to your walls or ceiling. Pure & Original lacquer is heat-resistant, making it also a suitable paint for radiators.

Available in three sheens; eggshell (1 liter only)
in the high-gloss finish (which comes in all sizes) and in the Elements Metallic version.

Theoretical coverage 145 ft2/13 m2 per liter, dilution max 10% with water.

Application: brush, roller, or airless, see technical sheet for details.


If by roller, we recommend a lint-free, short nap roller for smooth surfaces.
Make sure the substrate is perfectly smooth, even in between the coats.

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