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Marrakech Walls

A new revolutionary, heavy bodied paint to create the appearance of tadelakt

Marrakech Walls is a lime-based, 100 % mineral plaster-paint, made with premium quality ingredients. Due to its naturally high pH, Marrakech is mold- and bacteria resistant.


With the ready-mixed Marrakech Walls, having a Tadelakt designers-wall or a concrete-like wall has come within reach of many. The application of Marrakech Walls paint is quite easy to adopt and way less labor-intensive than Venetian Plaster. Even suitable for DIY! 


We recommend creating a sample board before the final application; it helps to practice and to decide on which finish/method you prefer. If you are not comfortable to DIY, ask your installer to create a sample board for you.


Due to the amount of lime the color of Marrakech Walls, in general, may appear lighter than the colors on the general color card. However, a finishing product will intensify (darken) the colour.  We always recommend the use of our sample pots for an accurate spread rate and color representation on your particular surface and light conditions.  We'll be happy to advise!

Please note; In most cases, preparation with our Wallprim is required for proper adhesion! Marrakech is a 100% mineral product and does not adhere well to synthetic surfaces like drywall, sheetrock, regular paint-coats, and random primers.

Please note
The color movement varies per color, light colors will show only a subtle variation and whites will show no or a minimal difference in color. However, a second skim-coat will add more movement to it, even to whites!
Step by step application
Marrakech Walls technical sheet
Safety Sheet Fresco: MSDS