Fresco Lime Paint

Around for thousands of years and is made again by Pure & Original in the traditional way

using classic methods and available in more than 100 beautiful colours. Fresco Lime Paint is an all natural, 100% mineral paint composed of slaked lime and natural pigments meeting the most stringent environmental requirements. Due to its naturally high pH, lime-paint is mould- and bacteria resistant.


Fresco results in an aged, natural look with unique shades and aesthetic strokes adding depth and beauty to any space, producing interiors that are calm and luminous.


Due to the lime the colour of Fresco, in general, may appear lighter and a bit more grey-ish than the colours on the general colour card. However, a finishing product will intensify (darken) the colour. We always recommend the use of our sample pots for an accurate spread rate and colour representation on your particular surface and light conditions. We'll be happy to advise!

Please note; In most cases our Wallprim  is required for proper adhesion! Fresco is a 100% mineral product and does not adhere well to synthetic surfaces like drywall, sheetrock, regular paint-coats and random primers.

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Please note 

The unique shades vary per color, light colors will show only a subtle variation and whites will show no or a minimal difference in color. The aesthetic strokes apply to all colors.

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Fresco Lime Paint technical sheet
Safety Sheet Fresco: MSDS

Pure & Original paints

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is produced in a renowned and family owned factory, proudly producing paints to the highest, professional and environmentally friendly standard for more than 50 years. Products are developed with experience and care, followed by thorough testing before being offered to the customer.

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The Pure & Original paints are tinted and mixed to colour in North America using 100% Pure & Original natural pigments. Paint can also be tinted to RAL colours and others!


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