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Modern Country

This bathroom was designed within a master bedroom suite (design by Veronique Hendriks/Design Studio V). The choice to paint the walls with Fresco in the colour Black Smoke creates a good backdrop for the wall art and bathroom furniture, and adds a pleasant contrast. The colour mimics the stone vanity top and metal lights above.

The walls were given a finish with Dead Flat Eco Sealer so they’re protected and easy to wipe clean. It’s a wonderful sealer to use, easy to apply and the Fresco walls still have that lovely matt, authentic finish. But do keep in mind that it’ll deepen the colour somewhat, which worked out perfectly in this scheme.

The organic shape and soft white colour of the stone bath in front of the same Fresco Black Smoke finish adds to the purity of the bathroom. The ceiling is painted in Pure & Original’s Traditional Paint colour White, which keeps it all pure and simple as well as light and airy.

But if you’re like me, you’re probably happy to have one particular element in the bathroom that could be given the eye-catching make-over, or could be the element that gives you the inspiration to choose colours. Like these…

Veronique Hendriks is owner of Design Studio V. Instagram @designstudiov_pure_original_uk

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