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Inspiration Collection 2017

We are very excited to present the "Inspiration Collection 2017" to you!

The colors associated with the brand are usually muted shades of grey, beige and white, which have been driven to perfection over many years. With this collection Pure & Original is showing it's colorful side.

The hidden gem of Pure & Original’s color collection are the bright colors – the jewel tones, the earth tones and the pale tones, with sophisticated nuances that are oh so difficult to achieve. By using only natural pigments,

this collection will reflect the colors in a richer and a deeper way than is possible with traditional paints made of synthetic color pigments.

This project shows that even the brightest colors of Pure & Original have a surprisingly calming effect.

Credits for the Inspiration Collection 2017: Creative Direction: Dagne Fargestudio Styling: Kirsten Visdal Photographer: Margaret de Lange Visual Manager: Iris Floor

English Translation: Shannon Marshall

The complete file with many inspiring pictures can be found on ISSUU

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