Italian Wax

Italian Wax 750 ml / 25.4 fl oz

Italian Wax

  • Did you discover the endless possibilities of our Italian Wax already?
    This natural, liquid, transparent, wax is an excellent product to provide a subtle to a high gloss sheen onto cabinets, tables, wood, stone, concrete, lime paint, or to Marrakech Walls.

    Apply Italian Wax with a lint-free cotton cloth. Wax on its self is matte but can be polished to a high gloss.


    - Water repellant (after 2 layers), suitable for wet rooms.

    - A 100 mineral product

    - No VOC

    - Easy to clean

    - Easy to apply

    - For walls, wood, furniture, natural stone and much more.


    750 ml/25.4 fl. oz

    Average coverage 220 ft2