Dead Flat Eco sealer
Water based, matte transparent sealer.

Dead Flat Eco sealer

  • For high traffic areas or high humidity areas (for example in the bathroom,  around the kitchen sink) it is recommended to provide extra protection. Dead Flat Ecosealer is a matte, transparent and washable sealer.


    Application: apply 2 or 3 thin, diluted with about 20% water, coats 
    with a brush, do not use a roller to prevent air bubbles.
    Leave 12 hours drying time in between coats.

    Usage over Fresco and Marrakech Walls: Let the lime fully cure for a couple of days, for dark colors a curing time of 7 days is recommended to avoid the risk of a white haze. Avoid thick layers, dilute well. Do not clean with corrosive acids, degreasers, or abrasive cleaners.

    Theoretical coverage after dilution: 150 to 180 ft2 per liter.

    Note: this is a general application instruction and does not replace the technical datasheet.